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Image. Unapologetic Coughing, Youngsook Choi,
Raven Row 2020, in support of Asia-Art-Activism. Photo Credit: Nurri Kim

Safer Spaces Boundaries

Sully gives hugs

At Heart of Glass we believe that it is our responsibility to create spaces, both offline and online, that are welcoming and respectful to everyone.

Adhering to these agreements is a collective responsibility and everyone is individually responsible for checking their own behaviour. The following list of agreements is not exhaustive and if anyone would like the list to be amended, we encourage you to contact us and help us to make our space safer for all.

If you are under 14, please make sure that you are accompanied by an adult (18 years or older) when attending our online events.

However please note that With For About is strictly for a 16 plus audience. 

  1. Ableism, Homophobia, Racism, Sexism, Transphobia, or Prejudice based on ability, Asylum status, Class, Ethnicity, Gender, Gender presentation, Nationality, or Religion is not welcome here. 
  2. Each of us has different physical and emotional boundaries that must be respected. Please get verbal consent before crossing these  boundaries.
  3. Be aware of the privileges you bring  and how that may affect others.
  4. Don’t make assumptions on the opinions of others or how they identify. Kindly ask first and then actively listen. 
  5. Make every effort not to judge, look down on or enter into competition with others. 
  6. Be aware of the language you use in discussions and how this relates to others.
  7. Work together to foster a spirit of mutual respect: Listen to the wisdom everyone has to share. 
  8. Be kind with your words. Give generously to allow everyone time and space to speak and share their thoughts and ideas.
  9. ‘Respect the person; challenge the behaviour.’
  10. The rules still apply if you are under the influence of drugs and alcohol