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Image. Unapologetic Coughing, Youngsook Choi,
Raven Row 2020, in support of Asia-Art-Activism. Photo Credit: Nurri Kim


The event will try to be as accessible as possible, though we acknowledge this will be challenging with the technology, time and resources available. Please communicate with us about your access requirements, however you define access: whether that is around disability, white spaces, money, access to the internet, child care, institutional transphobia or other forms of exclusion. We are not perfect, and want to do better.

An easy read guide is available for every episode.


During our live broadcasts, pre-recorded videos will have subtitles. You can watch an episode after the live broadcast, and it will be available with full subtitles. 

Whilst we have looked into options, we have not found a way to have audio description with the technology and resources we have. We acknowledge that for blind and visually impaired people this will be frustrating. 

Live streams can be paused to allow for toilet breaks, rest breaks and emotional space. 

We also acknowledge that internet access is not yet considered a human right, which it obviously should be! Fast free internet for all!